Rock Planet

Rock Planet is a nonprofit basketball organization whose main objective is to build confidence, teamwork, and life skills through teaching the fundamentals of basketball as well as teaching healthy life choices through nutrition and physical activity.

Our Donation Goal

Raise funds for a better tommorw.

Funding Goal For Rock Planet Inc.

Our first goal of raising funds is to help up establish the resources we need to fulfill our mission. We are looking to raise $100,000 in our first year to meet or goals of the following below.

Funding for a venue.
Equipment for our physical training and basketball camp.
Educational tools resources.
Funding to help supply healthy lunches for the kids that attend rock planet.
Funding to help pay for the staff members that will help the camp functions.

Our fingerprints on the lives we touch never fade

Be The Change

A Few Words

Jessica Kuende
After analyzing the potential market for other basketball camps, there seems to be an unfilled demand for camps that not only teach the fundamentals of basketball but focus on teaching life skills as well. This is what makes Rock Planet Inc. a life changing experience for kids.
Derrick Miller
What we do today will have an ever lasting effect on the kids that participate with Rock Planet Inc. and will lay the ground for a better tomorrow starting with the youth.
Will Eshe
We understand the difficulties that children face. In order to contribute to resolve this problems, our nonprofit organization will team up with other organizations to work on a solution.